Xiaomi RedMi S2 32 GB Rose Grey Review

Introduction Xiaomi RedMi S2

Xiaomi RedMi S2
Xiaomi RedMi S2

Xiaomi Redmi S2 32 GB Rose Grey Hey everyone over the past few years competition in the budget segment has become intense budget phones are no longer the flimsy laggy devices of yesteryear and now aside from being affordable they’re actually pretty nice to use one of the kings of the budget segment is Jami and one of their newest phones is the Redmi S2 – it promises a lot for well not that much but will it actually live up to those promises.

Design of Xiaomi RedMi S2

I’m Angie for Jessa marina and this is a redme s2 review the redme s2 is a curious beast despite its plastic construction it does its best to fake the metal look and it even sports fake antenna lines for decoration the camera placement and design is clearly inspired by the iPhone 10 however unlike the iPhone it has a fingerprint reader on the back and it’s quite accurate an added benefit of the plastic back is that it doesn’t pick up fingerprints very easily and it’s less likely to break if you drop it however keep it away from water since it doesn’t have any IP rated protection.

it’s comfortable to hold and buttons feel nice but it’s a bit wider than most present-day phones due to the generous screen bezels it’ll probably be a two handed device for many people jamie. Xiaomi RedMi S2

Display of Xiaomi RedMi S2

Among the first phone, makers to have tall displays so it’s no surprise at the almost 6 inch LCD panel has the modern 18 by 9 form factor it’s a bit too large for the 720p resolution and the pixel density is a bit low all the same we didn’t spot any pixelization the screens contrast ratio isn’t the best but the screen offers decent color rendering especially, when you switch from auto contrast to standard.

which reduces the bluish tint sunlight legibility is nothing to write home about but the phone is still usable outdoors the audio from the speaker is quite loud although the sound itself isn’t particularly rich.

However sound through headphones was very accurate so music lovers you’re covered you don’t even need a dongle but before anyone feels left out music haters are also covered the phone features an on-screen silent mode toggle as the name implies it shuts off all the audio the phone is producing even music you’re listening. Xiaomi RedMi S2

Storage of Design of Xiaomi RedMi S2

The phone comes with either 32 gigabytes or 64 gigabytes of storage in both cases you get a card slot so you’ll be hard-pressed to run out of space for videos or music despite a modest three thousand eighty milliamp battery capacity the redmi s 2 scored an excellent 92 hour rating in our proprietary battery life tests unfortunately the phone lacks quick charging and the supplied micro USB charger can only boost your battery upto 30% in half an hour.

Performance of Design of Xiaomi RedMi S2

The redmi s2 support the snapdragon 625 with either 3 or 4 gigabytes of RAM even though the chipset is better known for its power efficiency than its performance it still allows the redmi s 2 to outperform every device in its price segment aside from the real May 1 part of this comes from the 720p screen. Xiaomi RedMi S2

which means a less umph to render games also the phone doesn’t heat up and it sports enough RAM for the phone to handle 15 apps open without a slowdown the redmi s 2 features are quite recentAndroid 8.1 with the xiaomi bui on top besides the proprietary gallery music and video apps mui comes with a lot of extra features on top of the standard Android set you also get extra apps ranging from a security app that lets you clean up your phone to an IR blaster to a screen recorder you can delete about half of them but we find most of them pretty useful anyway as a whole the UI runs smoothly but if you’re keen on a more stock experience classic Android features like an app drawer I recommend that you install a third-party launchereven so you should know that there’s a limit to how much you can change the experience and some things like multitasking will always look a little bit more like they belong in iOS then Android. Xiaomi RedMi S2

Camera of of Design of Xiaomi RedMi S2

The s2 has a dual camera setup the primary camera is a 12 megapixel one with an F 2.2 aperture well the secondary 5 megapixel camera provides depth information and daylight photos are sharp and detailed with reasonably low noise colors are a little washed out and a little more contrast would have been nice but otherwise they look good the dynamic range isn’t the best but the HDR helps with that and low-light images are soft and there’s a lot of noise the automatic hht mode helps reduce some of the noise so it’s worth keeping the mode enabled in portrait mode it takes a while for the camera to apply the depth effect but if you’re patient samples turn out Pleasant and ours had mostly accurate edge’ detection and blur effects video maxes out at 1080p at 30 frames per second in the me UI camera app the quality is good despite generally darker exposure and slightly smudged details and foliage colors and contrasts are quite good and there’s even EIS the s2 features based video stabilization that does a great job it’s moving our camera shake now you may have noticed that I said in the me Y camera app turns out that if you download an external camera app like open camera you can actually shoot in 4k and even shoot stabilized 4k the stabilization isn’t the best we’ve ever seen and details aren’t a sharpest but the dynamic range is good and we didn’t notice any highlight clipping. Xiaomi RedMi S2

Conclusion of Xiaomi RedMi S2

The redmi s 2 has a 16 megapixel selfie camera with the f 2.0 aperture yeah you heard right those are better specs in the back snappers unsurprisingly selfies were rich in detail and had good contrast and colors like on the back camera dynamic range is limited and you can use the auto HDR option portrait selfies are also excellent and the camera does a great job of recognizing and D focusing the background at this point is pretty much common knowledge that when you get a budget device you are gonna have to make a few sacrifices but in this case Xiaomi has kept those sacrifices to a minimum you get a large screen good performance and even 4k video for less than 150 US dollars it’s an easy recommendation and it makes me super excited for the future of budget phones especially in contrast the eye-watering prices of current flagships. Xiaomi RedMi S2

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